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Why response-generated marketing lists? specializes in response-generated business and professional mailing and marketing lists.

Why? Because response-generated lists perform better than compiled lists.

They generate more response than compiled lists because by definition, they consist entirely of responders.

A propensity for response

Response-generated lists are comprised of individuals who have responded to some kind of direct marketing offer.

Lists of magazine subscribers, mail order/catalog buyers, even requesters of free white papers are all response-generated.

Response-generated lists are some other direct marketer’s customer names. Every record has demonstrated responsiveness to some kind of DM offer.

We say these lists display a propensity for response.

That is, they are predisposed to accept new DM offers because they accepted one similar to it in the past.

Response-generated buyers are familiar – and comfortable – with direct marketing and have a demonstrated behavior of responding to direct marketing offers.

Compiled lists give no indication of responsiveness

Contrast these characteristics with those of a compiled list.

The people on a compiled list are there only because they exist. Nothing is known about their propensity for response.

Statistically speaking some of them are even anti-direct marketing because of ignorance, fear or some prior bad experience.

There is no way of identifying the non-responders in a compiled list before you mail it.

It’s only after you’ve mailed it that they become obvious.

Response-generated lists have several other benefits for direct marketers.

Look for source transparency

One of the most important is source transparency. This refers to the source of the addressing data. The source of response-generated data is always clearly identified.

The source for the list of subscribers to the Wall Street Journal is the Wall Street Journal. The source of the list of attorneys who are members of the American Bar Association is the ABA.

Knowing the source of a list is immensely helpful because it gives you a specific and concrete reference to a product, service or publication that you can study and from which you can gain insight into the reasons why a buyer may have responded.

This can lead you to a number of useful inferences about buying motivations, offer strategies and benefit pitches.

Beware of vague source descriptions

Contrast this information with the source description typically provided for a compiled list.

References to public records or other vague, non-specific source are common. In some instances, compiled lists are given fictitious source descriptions that are intended to leave the impression that they are response-generated lists.

Address quality

Address data quality is another benefit of response-generated lists.

Since the address details on such lists are almost always supplied by the actual responders, that data is generally more accurate than compiled data, especially a compiled business list where certain address elements such as division names or mail stop codes predominate.

Depth of interest

Response-generated lists also give you a good sense of the depth of interest the prospects on such lists have in their business or profession.

The executive who subscribes to a high-priced newsletter on a highly technical business topic is most often a far more responsive prospect than the one who requested a free white paper on the same or similar issue.

It’s impossible to reach this kind of target audience with a compiled list that offers no guidance whatsoever except job title/function and industry.

That’s why we concentrate on response-generated postal, telemarketing and email lists.

Compiled lists have their uses

Yes, you will find compiled lists at, largely because not every target market can be reached with a response-generated list.

And for very narrow and/or local markets the yield from a response-generated list is often just too small to be useful. A compiled list reaching the same audience would perform almost or just as well as the response-generated list at lower cost.

Compiled lists are also useful for canvassing or generating leads from target audiences where the objective is to locate potential prospects in a large, diverse population.

Sell stuff with response-generated lists

But if you want to sell stuff, your first choice should always be a response-generated list.

If you think your DM program can benefit from using response-generated postal, email or telemarketing lists, you’ve come to the right place to find them.

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