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Introduction gives you numerous ways to locate high quality response-generated and custom-compiled email, telemarketing and postal mailing lists for your specific marketing campaign.

For example, if you're searching for one or two specific lists, use the Keyword search. Enter one or more keywords that are likely to exist in the list title or profile, choose the appropriate search query modifier (Primary, Secondary or Both) and click on the Search Our Lists button.

The Keyword search will find words, acronyms (for professional associations) and list numbers.

Or, if you need a list recommendation, use the Affinity search. Choose the most appropriate affinity from the descriptions displayed in the affinity drop-down box, select the appropriate search query modifier and click on the search button.

If you select the Primary Affinity modifier, the Search Results will display a list of highly focused lists precisely targeting the selected audience.

If you select the Secondary Affinity modifier, the Search Results will show a different list of less focused, but still relevant, lists.

If you have never researched or ordered marketing lists, you may want to review our How To Order guidelines first. Then return to this Search Guide for tips on how to navigate the Search page.

As you search and locate lists of potential interest, use the MyLists icon located in the upper-right corner of each list data card to save a link to that list for easy future reference.

View the saved lists by clicking on the MyLists index tab at the top of this screen. You can easily delete these links later when your campaign is completed.

The Search page (light blue tab at the top of this screen) offers four powerful search capabilities that can be used separately or together to find a specific list or a group of lists reaching a specific target audience. Here's how they work:

Type of List

Our database of business-to-business and business-to-professional mailing/marketing lists includes lists with postal addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, though not all lists have all of these features.

Depending on your requirements, you may select one, two or all three types by clicking the appropriate boxes. If you choose none, the default results show all three types.

Tip: To confirm the type of addressing data available for any list, check the section of the data card labeled List Contains.

Market Affinity

Market affinity (also known as a list directory) refers to more than sixty groups of pre-selected lists reaching target audiences indicated by the descriptions.

Use this selection to quickly see a list of lists reaching specific industry, job function or professional audiences.

All lists are coded for a single Primary Affinity that is the best-fit indicator of the target market it reaches.

The Primary Affinity query modifier located below the drop-down box on the Search page produces search results showing only lists which are tightly focused on the target market indicated by its description. These Primary Affinity lists are the core lists for most offers targeting the selected audience.

Many lists also have one or more Secondary Affinities indicating that they deliver similiar audiences somewhat less precisely than the Primary lists. This Secondary Affinity query modifier displays results which are more broadly focused on the target market.

And, of course, the Both modifier displays a single list of both Primary and Secondary lists. The Both modifier is the default if neither Primary nor Secondary is selected.

Tip: If your objective is to see the very best lists reaching a specific market affinity, use the Primary Affinity modifier. If your objective is to widen audience penetration, use the Secondary Affinity modifier to see related lists.


The Keyword Search looks for an exact match to the letters and spaces you enter, modified by your choice of: Any Keyword, All Keywords or Match Phrase.

Choose any one or accept the default which is Any Keyword.

You can widen or narrow your search by including or excluding letters at the end of the keyword. For example, the keyword bank will produce more results than the words banks, banker or banking.

You may also search for organization acronyms (like AAGL) instead of the full name (American Association of Gynecological Laparoscopists).

Tip: The Keyword search can be combined with any or all of the other searches to quickly locate a small number of tightly targeted, core lists.

Geographic Regions

This search produces results that target lists with circulation in the regions of the world indicated. You may select one, two or more according to your needs.

The default (no selection) results in selection of lists in any and all of the indicated regions.

The North America selection includes the USA and Canada, but not Mexico (which is in Latin America).

Note also that all postal lists for both the USA and Canada offer highly targeted geographical selections ranging from states and provinces to local postcode neighborhoods. Most international lists offer only country selections.

Tip: Even if you're a local marketer, search first for the lists with the greatest affinity for your offer, then ask us to get state or other geo counts for you. Unless geographical location is crucial to your campaign, find the best lists first, then worry about the geography.

Search Results

The Search Results page displays the results of your search in alphabetical order by list title. Lists managed exclusively by appear at the top of this listing.

Click on any title to see the List Data containing specific and detailed information about the selected list.

Note that a summary of your search criteria is displayed at the top of this page.

Tip: The list titles contain certain words to give you an indication of the list's contents. For example, the word recipient indicates that the list reaches people who receive controlled circulation (free) trade and professional periodicals.

The word subscriber indicates that the list delivers people who have paid subscriptions to the periodical.

For lists that offer both postal and e-mail addressing data, this fact is noted parenthetically at the end of the list title.

For More Information

If you have questions about any search capability or about the results produced by a search, contact your account representative at 1-703-966-9970.



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