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Government Computer News Recipients

196,435 TOTAL USA RECIPIENTS @ $ 225.00 / M

PROFILE: Recipients of GOVERNMENT COMPUTER NEWS (controlled biweekly tabloid), published by 1105 Media for EDP/MIS/IRM managers in federal, state and local governments, plus system integrators, VARs and the manufacturers serving them. GCN editorial content focuses on micros, minis and mainframe machines, system integration, information resource management, telecommunications, new products and software, government policies and regulations and coverage of major conferences and exhibitions in the field. See list #5088 for e-mail addresses.

SELECTION: State/SCF/Zip @ $10/M+; job title and government type @ $15/M+ each; application and buying authority selects @ $20/M+; actives only @ $10/M+; tel numbers @ @ $75/M+; random sample @ N/C. NOTE: Seminar/Conference/Webinar offers @ $245/M base rate!

ADDRESSING: Standard record includes individual name, title, government agency/company name, street/PO address, mail stop (for federal addresses), city, state and Zip code. 98% of file addresses by individual name.

RESTRICTIONS: One-time use only; sample mailing required. Mailer and/or lettershop security agreement required.

TERMS: ADVANCE PAYMENT WITH FIRST ORDER. Mailers due 30 days from invoice date. Cancellations subject to return of order BEFORE MAILING DATE and may be subject to RUNNING, SHIPPING and/or PENALTY CHARGES. Cancellations AFTER MAIL DATE subject to all rental and shipping charges.

We believe this information is accurate. However, NO WARRANTY is implied nor are results guaranteed from rental or use of this mailing list.

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5,000 records

7 working days from receipt of a fully documented mailing list order and prepayment (if required).

Government Computer News Recipients

196,435 TOTAL USA RECIPIENTS @ $ 225.00 / M

Seg#TypeDescriptionCountAddtl Charge
052TLEExecutive/Command24,75615.00/M +
053TLEAdministration/Operations Mgmt30,33615.00/M +
054TLEComputer Systems/Comm Mgmt42,79515.00/M +
055TLEEngineering/Technical Mgmt28,34215.00/M +
056TLEExecutive/Senior IT/IS Mgmt19,67815.00/M +
057TLEPersonnel/Training Management4,69215.00/M +
058TLEProcurement/Purchasing Mgmt8,29315.00/M +
059AGYFederal Government (civilian)70,28415.00/M +
060AGYFederal Government (defense)33,37115.00/M +
061AGYOther Federal (Legis/Judicial)4,86615.00/M +
062AGYIndependent Agency16,99215.00/M +
063AGYNon-Federal Gov (State/Co/Mun)43,87415.00/M +
064APPEnterprise Resource Planning7,61520.00/M +
065APPDatabase9,11620.00/M +
066APPDatawarehouse/Knowledge Mgt3,29020.00/M +
067APPProject Management4,66620.00/M +
068APPElectronic Commerce3,55520.00/M +
069APPGIS/Mapping/Imaging/CAD/Engrg7,83720.00/M +
070APPE-Gov2,54820.00/M +
071APPCRM2,19320.00/M +
072APPInfo Assurance2,26320.00/M +
073BUYComputers74,75720.00/M +
074BUYPCc/Desktops/Workstations67,13820.00/M +
075BUYLaptops/Notebooks61,09020.00/M +
076BUYNetwork Computer/Servers43,08420.00/M +
077BUYHandhelds44,17720.00/M +
078BUYNetworking50,55820.00/M +
079BUYWide Area Networks (WANS)26,66120.00/M +
080BUYLocal Area Networks (LANS)40,33920.00/M +
081BUYWireless LANs25,00920.00/M +
082BUYBridges/Routers/Gateways/Hubs34,91120.00/M +
083BUYSecurities/Firewalls27,11420.00/M +
084BUYSecurity48,15820.00/M +
085BUYStorage44,77220.00/M +
086BUYNetwork Storage10,53120.00/M +
087BUYPeripheral Equipment50,22220.00/M +
088BUYMonitors48,63220.00/M +
089BUYScanners45,77620.00/M +
090BUYPrinters40,11620.00/M +
091BUYPCMCIA Cards24,83220.00/M +
092BUYUPS31,71220.00/M +
093BUYTelecommunications32,00720.00/M +
094BUYServices6,85920.00/M +
095BUYSoftware61,67320.00/M +
096BUYCommunications17,21220.00/M +
097BUYDatabase Management18,07520.00/M +
098BUYSpreadsheets18,20420.00/M +
099BUYProject Management16,24820.00/M +
100BUYWord Processing18,79420.00/M +
101BUYDesktop Publishing12,96420.00/M +
102BUYGraphics/Draw/Print12,47620.00/M +
103BUYImaging/GIS/Mapping11,49320.00/M +
104BUYEmail16,53620.00/M +
105BUYEngineer/Scientific/Research9,59620.00/M +
106BUYAI Expert Systems4,35920.00/M +
107BUYComputer Aided Software Engrg11,05520.00/M +
108BUYPresentation Software Multimed19,84220.00/M +
109BUYRemote Access9,46320.00/M +
110BUYMiddleware5,39920.00/M +
111BUYHuman Resources5,60020.00/M +
112BUYADA5,60020.00/M +

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