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*Federal Government Purchasing & Procurement Officers (Email)

31,803 TOTAL EMAIL RECORDS @ $ 180.00 / M

PROFILE: Email addresses for purchasing and procurement officers in Federal civilian and military departments and agencies. List offers unique and valuable access to individually-named Federal procurement and purchasing officers, enabling General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule contractors, as well as non-Schedule commercial and direct marketers, to distribute price lists, catalogs and related marketing materials to the "world's single largest consumer," the US government. See list #280 for postal addresses.

SELECTION: State/SCF/ZIP and federal agency selections @ $10/M+ each; one-per-location selection @ $10/M+; random sample @ N/C.

ADDRESSING: Email addresses.

RESTRICTIONS: One-time use only; sample mailing required. Email broadcast must be deployed by list owner.

TERMS: ADVANCE PAYMENT WITH FIRST ORDER. Mailers due 30 days from invoice date. Cancellations subject to return of order BEFORE MAILING DATE and may be subject to RUNNING, SHIPPING and/or PENALTY CHARGES. Cancellations AFTER MAIL DATE subject to all rental and shipping charges.

We believe this information is accurate. However, NO WARRANTY is implied nor are results guaranteed from rental or use of this mailing list.

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Compiled from official
government records

Deployment @ $80/M+
URL tracking @ $25/F+
Suppression @ $25/F+
A/B package split @ N/C
3 tests @ N/C

Not applicable

Inquire for details

5,000 records

3 working days from receipt of a fully documented mailing list order and prepayment (if required).

*Federal Government Purchasing & Procurement Officers (Email)

31,803 TOTAL EMAIL RECORDS @ $ 180.00 / M

Seg#TypeDescriptionCountAddtl Charge
001STAAlabama (350-369)47210.00/M +
002STAAlaska (995-999)24810.00/M +
003STAArizona (850-865)79710.00/M +
004STAArkansas (716-729)24810.00/M +
005STACalifornia (900-966)1,86310.00/M +
006STAColorado (800-816)44110.00/M +
007STAConnecticut (060-069)23010.00/M +
008STADelaware (197-199)2910.00/M +
009STADistrict of Columbia (200-205)85710.00/M +
010STAFlorida (320-349)69210.00/M +
011STAGeorgia (300-319)56810.00/M +
012STAHawaii (967-968)30910.00/M +
013STAIdaho (832-838)25410.00/M +
014STAIllinois (600-629)48710.00/M +
015STAIndiana (460-479)35310.00/M +
016STAIowa (500-528)17910.00/M +
017STAKansas (660-679)18310.00/M +
018STAKentucky (400-427)46510.00/M +
019STALouisiana (700-714)28010.00/M +
020STAMaine (039-049)21510.00/M +
021STAMaryland (206-219)84210.00/M +
022STAMassachusetts (010-027)38210.00/M +
023STAMichigan (480-499)35810.00/M +
024STAMinnesota (550-567)13810.00/M +
025STAMississippi (386-397)18610.00/M +
026STAMissouri (630-658)41910.00/M +
027STAMontana (590-599)34410.00/M +
028STANebraska (680-693)26210.00/M +
029STANevada (890-898)16610.00/M +
030STANew Hampshire (030-038)12910.00/M +
031STANew Jersey (070-089)17010.00/M +
032STANew Mexico (870-884)42110.00/M +
033STANew York (100-149)71910.00/M +
034STANorth Carolina (270-289)45810.00/M +
035STANorth Dakota (580-588)22010.00/M +
036STAOhio (430-458)29110.00/M +
037STAOklahoma (730-749)41910.00/M +
038STAOregon (970-979)12210.00/M +
039STAPennsylvania (150-196)43010.00/M +
040STARhode Island (028-029)10610.00/M +
041STASouth Carolina (290-299)31510.00/M +
042STASouth Dakota (570-577)9410.00/M +
043STATennessee (370-385)35010.00/M +
044STATexas (750-799)87610.00/M +
045STAUtah (840-847)35710.00/M +
046STAVermont (050-059)2210.00/M +
047STAVirginia (220-246)1,35410.00/M +
048STAWashington (980-994)67710.00/M +
049STAWest Virginia (247-268)30110.00/M +
050STAWisconsin (530-549)28310.00/M +
051STAWyoming (820-831)5810.00/M +
052AGYDept of the Army1,65310.00/M +
053AGYDept of the Navy1,05410.00/M +
054AGYDept of the Air Force85410.00/M +
055AGYArmy Corps of Engineers010.00/M +
056AGYDept of Agriculture65610.00/M +
057AGYDept of Commerce18410.00/M +
058AGYDept of Defense16710.00/M +
059AGYDept of Education2410.00/M +
060AGYDept of Energy5210.00/M +
061AGYDept of Health & Human Svcs11910.00/M +
062AGYDept of Housing & Urban Dvlpmt12410.00/M +
063AGYDept of the Interior22210.00/M +
064AGYDept of Justice11510.00/M +
065AGYDept of Labor4710.00/M +
066AGYDept of State23410.00/M +
067AGYDept of Transportation13410.00/M +
068AGYDept of Treasury5910.00/M +
069AGYExec Office of the President010.00/M +
070AGYCongress1510.00/M +
071AGYEnvironmental Protection Agncy3910.00/M +
072AGYCoast Guard7910.00/M +
073AGYGeneral Services Admin46710.00/M +
074AGYJudicial Agencies010.00/M +
075AGYNational Archives010.00/M +
076AGYNational Air & Space Admin11910.00/M +
077AGYOffice of Personnel Mgmt54910.00/M +
078AGYSmall Business Administration1610.00/M +
079AGYSmithsonian Institution010.00/M +
080AGYUS Postal Service12210.00/M +
081AGYDept of Veterans Affairs1,00810.00/M +
082AGYFed Deposit Insurance Corp810.00/M +
083AGYSocial Security Admin39910.00/M +
084AGYNuclear Regulatory Commission210.00/M +
085AGYSecurities & Exchange Comm010.00/M +
086AGYConsumer Product Safety Comm1110.00/M +
087AGYDept of Homeland Security13610.00/M +
088AGYState & Local Governments010.00/M +
089AGYOther Agencies11,74310.00/M +
090GENFemale Records9,13310.00/M +

*Federal Government Purchasing & Procurement Officers (Email)

  1. Government, Military, Public Works
  2. Corporate Purchasing Executives

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