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District of Columbia Bar Association Members

67,113 TOTAL ACTIVE MEMBERS @ $ 125.00 / M

PROFILE: Current, active members of the District of Columbia Bar Association (DCBA). Membership includes every attorney practicing law in D.C. and includes a substantial number of attorneys who reside outside the D.C. metro area. This official membership list offers a range of useful selections by area of legal or practice interest and type of practice. All members receive WASHINGTON LAWYER as part of their membership.

SELECTION: State/SCF/Zip, gender, year of birth, year of admission to the bar, firm size, gender @ N/C; type of practice @ varying base rental rates; section @ varying base rental rates. IMPORTANT NOTE: Order must specify ACTIVE members to omit retired, inactive and judicial members. Random sample @ N/C

ADDRESSING: Standard record includes individual member name, firm name (if available), firm or home street/PO address (preference indicated by member), city, state and Zip code. About half of file reaches member at home address (not selectable). MUST REQUEST 8" LINEAGE FOR CHESHIRE AND P/S LABELS.

RESTRICTIONS: One-time use only; sample mailing required. Mailer and/or lettershop security agreement required.

TERMS: PREPAYMENT REQUIRED WITH EACH ORDER. Cancellations accepted only upon return of order BEFORE MAIL DATE. Cancellations AFTER MAIL DATE subject to ALL rental and shipping charges. Cancelled orders are CONDITIONAL UPON ACCEPTANCE by list owner and may incur running, shipping or penalty fees.

We believe this information is accurate. However, NO WARRANTY is implied nor are results guaranteed from rental or use of this mailing list.

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$110/year membership

Cheshire labels @ N/C
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Diskette @ $5/F+
E-mail delivery @ $5/F+

8 characters @ N/C
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1,000 records

10 working days from receipt of a fully documented mailing list order and prepayment (if required).

District of Columbia Bar Association Members

67,113 TOTAL ACTIVE MEMBERS @ $ 125.00 / M

Seg#TypeDescriptionCountAddtl Charge
052TOPDC Metro Area Active Members48,152125.00/M
053TOPSole Practice5,474125.00/M
054TOPFirm Practice23,892125.00/M
055TOPGovernment Practice11,177125.00/M
057TOPNot-for-Profit Organization2,449125.00/M
058TOPNot-for-Profit Practice509125.00/M
059TOPOther Practice6,545125.00/M
060SECAdministrative Law/Agncy Prctc1,433160.00/F
061SECAntitrust/Trade Regulation1,174150.00/F
062SECArts/Entertainment/Sports Law729150.00/F
063SECComputer/Telecomm Law1,161195.00/F
065SECPersonal Injury/Casualty Law0150.00/F
065SECCourts/Lawyers/Admin of Jstc336150.00/F
066SECCriminal Law/Individual Rights961150.00/F
067SECDistrict of Columbia Affairs353150.00/F
068SECEnvironment/Energy/Ntrl Rsrcs1,835210.00/F
069SECEstate Trust/Probate Law1,052150.00/F
070SECFamily Law541150.00/F
071SECGovernment Contracts/Litigatn1,071150.00/F
072SECHealth Law1,043150.00/F
073SECTort Law446150.00/F
074SECIntellectual Property Law2,994265.00/F
075SECInternational Law1,827287.50/F
076SECLabor/Employment Law1,890215.00/F
077SECLaw Practice Management398150.00/F
079SECReal Estate/Housing/Land Use1,513150.00/F
080SECTaxation Law1,794212.50/F

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