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*Commercial Boat Owners/Operators From DBC

44,655 USA BOAT OWNERS/OPERATORS @ $ 125.00 / M

PROFILE: Owners and operators of commercial fishing vessels operating on inland, coastal & offshore waters, as well as all kinds of workboats, including tugs, barges, offshore service & supply vessels, passenger, dining, charter & ferry boats, Coast Guard cutters, Navy landing craft, oil spill recovery vessels and fireboats. All read one or more trade & professional magazines published by Diversified Business Communications (DBC), including NATIONAL FISHERMAN and WORKBOAT, or have attended either the INTERNATIONAL WORKBOAT SHOW or the PACIFIC MARINE EXPO. See list #6766 for International WorkBoat Show Attendees. See list #5948 for National Fisherman Magazine Subscribers. See list #6783 for Pacific Marine Expo Attendees. See list #5947 for WorkBoat Magazine Recipients.

SELECTION: State/SCF/Zip selections @ $10/M+, gender selection @ $10/M+, one-per-site selection @ $10/M+, home/business address selection @ $10/M+, random sample @ N/C.

ADDRESSING: Standard record includes name of individual subscriber or recipient, home/business address (selectable), city, state & Zip code. Note that addresses for fishermen and boat owners may consist of a vessel name and location.

RESTRICTIONS: One-time use only; sample mailing required. Mailer and/or lettershop security agreement required.

TERMS: ADVANCE PAYMENT WITH FIRST ORDER. Mailers due 30 days from invoice date. Cancellations subject to return of order BEFORE MAILING DATE and may be subject to RUNNING, SHIPPING and/or PENALTY CHARGES. Cancellations AFTER MAIL DATE subject to all rental and shipping charges.

We believe this information is accurate. However, NO WARRANTY is implied nor are results guaranteed from rental or use of this mailing list.

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Controlled & paid

Email delivery @ $75/F+

5 characters @ $3/M+

Multiple use and re-use
available with prior
notice & owner approval
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5,000 records

4 working days from receipt of a fully documented mailing list order and prepayment (if required).

*Commercial Boat Owners/Operators From DBC

44,655 USA BOAT OWNERS/OPERATORS @ $ 125.00 / M

Seg#TypeDescriptionCountAddtl Charge
001STAAlabama (350-369)83210.00/M +
002STAAlaska (995-999)4,58410.00/M +
003STAArizona (850-865)15510.00/M +
004STAArkansas (716-729)10110.00/M +
005STACalifornia (900-966)2,34210.00/M +
006STAColorado (800-816)11810.00/M +
007STAConnecticut (060-069)89210.00/M +
008STADelaware (197-199)19610.00/M +
009STADistrict of Columbia (200-205)13910.00/M +
010STAFlorida (320-349)3,75410.00/M +
011STAGeorgia (300-319)43010.00/M +
012STAHawaii (967-968)25410.00/M +
013STAIdaho (832-838)12710.00/M +
014STAIllinois (600-629)37110.00/M +
015STAIndiana (460-479)18910.00/M +
016STAIowa (500-528)9110.00/M +
017STAKansas (660-679)3810.00/M +
018STAKentucky (400-427)21610.00/M +
019STALouisiana (700-714)4,30510.00/M +
020STAMaine (039-049)1,75410.00/M +
021STAMaryland (206-219)1,31810.00/M +
022STAMassachusetts (010-027)2,33710.00/M +
023STAMichigan (480-499)56710.00/M +
024STAMinnesota (550-567)23610.00/M +
025STAMississippi (386-397)76210.00/M +
026STAMissouri (630-658)24110.00/M +
027STAMontana (590-599)8710.00/M +
028STANebraska (680-693)4110.00/M +
029STANevada (890-898)8410.00/M +
030STANew Hampshire (030-038)35010.00/M +
031STANew Jersey (070-089)1,67810.00/M +
032STANew Mexico (870-884)4110.00/M +
033STANew York (100-149)2,44910.00/M +
034STANorth Carolina (270-289)1,07010.00/M +
035STANorth Dakota (580-588)1910.00/M +
036STAOhio (430-458)43210.00/M +
037STAOklahoma (730-749)9610.00/M +
038STAOregon (970-979)1,05710.00/M +
039STAPennsylvania (150-196)60910.00/M +
040STARhode Island (028-029)61610.00/M +
041STASouth Carolina (290-299)45910.00/M +
042STASouth Dakota (570-577)2710.00/M +
043STATennessee (370-385)30010.00/M +
044STATexas (750-799)1,82410.00/M +
045STAUtah (840-847)5510.00/M +
046STAVermont (050-059)7510.00/M +
047STAVirginia (220-246)1,45310.00/M +
048STAWashington (980-994)4,93210.00/M +
049STAWest Virginia (247-268)5610.00/M +
050STAWisconsin (530-549)34310.00/M +
051STAWyoming (820-831)1710.00/M +
053HAD3-Line Residential Addresses17,99010.00/M +
0541/LOne-Per-Site Records41,60810.00/M +
055GENFemale Owners/Operators2,76410.00/M +

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