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Business Facilities Magazine Recipients

42,889 TOTAL RECIPIENTS @ $ 175.00 / M

PROFILE: Recipients of BUSINESS FACILITIES magazine (controlled, monthly), published by Group C Communications for top-level corporate executives whose responsibilities include site selection, corporate real estate, facility management, and other site & facility functions. Editorial content covers economic news, finance, development trends, government, real estate, and international business news.

SELECTION: State/SCF/ZIP and gender @ $15/M+; job title, number of employees and type of business @ $15/M+ each; random sample @ N/C.

ADDRESSING: Standard record includes individual name, company/organization name, street/PO address, city, state, and ZIP code.

RESTRICTIONS: One-time use only; sample mailing required.

TERMS: ADVANCE PAYMENT WITH FIRST ORDER. Mailers due 30 days from invoice date. Cancellations subject to return of order BEFORE MAILING DATE and may be subject to RUNNING, SHIPPING and/or PENALTY CHARGES. Cancellations AFTER MAIL DATE subject to all rental and shipping charges.

We believe this information is accurate. However, NO WARRANTY is implied nor are results guaranteed from rental or use of this mailing list.

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5,000 records

10 working days from receipt of a fully documented mailing list order and prepayment (if required).

Business Facilities Magazine Recipients

42,889 TOTAL RECIPIENTS @ $ 175.00 / M

Seg#TypeDescriptionCountAddtl Charge
052TLEPresident/Owner/CEO16,18515.00/M +
053TLEVP/Corporate Officer11,23615.00/M +
054TLEVP Real Estate/Facilities8,96515.00/M +
055TLECorporate Managers4,29215.00/M +
056TLEArchitects/Engineers72515.00/M +
057SIZ1-99 Employees15,88815.00/M +
058SIZ100-499 Employees10,56815.00/M +
059SIZ500-999 Employees2,73715.00/M +
060SIZ1000+ Employees3,86115.00/M +
061TOBFood/Kindred Products3,57215.00/M +
062TOBTobacco Manufacturers3515.00/M +
063TOBTextile Mill Products30015.00/M +
064TOBApparel/Other Finished Product79015.00/M +
065TOBLumber/Wood Products30715.00/M +
066TOBFurniture/Fixtures57315.00/M +
067TOBPaper/Allied Products39715.00/M +
068TOBPrinting/Publishing72615.00/M +
069TOBChemicals/Allied Products59215.00/M +
070TOBPetroleum Refining13715.00/M +
071TOBRubber/Misc Plastic Products35315.00/M +
072TOBLeather/Leather Products4115.00/M +
073TOBStone/Clay/Glass/Concrete Prod29015.00/M +
074TOBPrimary Metal/Fabricated Metal51015.00/M +
075TOBComputers/Office Equipment26315.00/M +
076TOBElectrical Machinery/Equipment1,12615.00/M +
077TOBTransporation Equipment93315.00/M +
078TOBProf/Scientific/Control Instr16115.00/M +
079TOBTrucking/Warehousing34215.00/M +
080TOBWholesale Trade--Durable Goods1,39915.00/M +
081TOBWholesale Trade--Non-Durable47215.00/M +
082TOBComputer Software Developers55315.00/M +
083TOBCommunications75215.00/M +
084TOBInsurance49915.00/M +
085TOBAccomodations99815.00/M +
086TOBData Proc/Software Develop12815.00/M +
087TOBHealth Services1,94015.00/M +
088TOBLegal/Accounting19215.00/M +
089TOBFinancial Institutions1,09515.00/M +
090TOBConsult Engrs/Architect/Design3,17515.00/M +
091TOBSIOR1515.00/M +
092TOBReal Estate Brokers74915.00/M +
093TOBPrivate Developers21415.00/M +
094TOBGeneral Contractors82215.00/M +
095JFCFinancial Management31015.00/M +
096JFCDistrict/Regional/Div Mgt11815.00/M +
097JFCReal Estate Management19915.00/M +
098JFCOperations/Plant Management94015.00/M +
099JFCFacilities Management1,94215.00/M +
100JFCLogistics Management2015.00/M +
101JFCHuman Resources3615.00/M +
102JFCEngineering19015.00/M +
103JFCLegal1015.00/M +
104JFCMIS/IT2115.00/M +
105JFCCorporate Management2,43715.00/M +
106FACCorporate Headquarters29115.00/M +
107FACOffice Complex31715.00/M +
108FACCall Center1,27815.00/M +
109FACR&D Facility99015.00/M +
110FACPlant Complex9115.00/M +
111FACDistribution/Warehouse Fac7115.00/M +
112FACLand for Development4815.00/M +

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