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American Academy of Religion Members

12,173 TOTAL WORLDWIDE MEMBERS @ $ 312.50 / M

PROFILE: Worldwide members of the American Academy of Religion (AAR), are grouped into over 70 program units, each representing an ongoing community of scholars who are collectively engaged in pursuing knowledge about a specific religious tradition or a specific aspect of religion. AAR members include those who have a secular interest in the study of religion in all its dimensions.

SELECTION: Geography, periods, traditions @ $50/F+ per each select; random sample or nth @ $50/F+. List is updated daily please inquire for selections & counts. NOTE: List MUST be used within TWO MONTHS of purchase.

ADDRESSING: Standard record includes name of individual recipient, institution street/PO address, city, state or country name with Zip code or Postal code.

RESTRICTIONS: One-time use only; sample mailing required. Mailer and/or lettershop security agreement required.

TERMS: ADVANCE PAYMENT WITH FIRST ORDER. Mailers due 30 days from invoice date. Cancellations subject to return of order BEFORE MAILING DATE and may be subject to RUNNING, SHIPPING and/or PENALTY CHARGES. Cancellations AFTER MAIL DATE subject to all rental and shipping charges.

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American Academy of Religion Members

12,173 TOTAL WORLDWIDE MEMBERS @ $ 312.50 / M

Seg#TypeDescriptionCountAddtl Charge
052PERPrehistory (A01)22850.00/F +
053PERAncient (A02)1,91750.00/F +
054PERMedieval (A03)1,81150.00/F +
055PERModern (A04)3,44950.00/F +
056PERContemporary (A05)4,66450.00/F +
057GEOAfrica-East/West/South (B01)49350.00/F +
058GEOAfrica-North/Egypt (B02)55450.00/F +
059GEOAmerica-South/Meso/CA (B03)71650.00/F +
060GEOAmerica-North (B04)3,65750.00/F +
061GEOAsia-Central/North/East (B05)88850.00/F +
062GEOAsia-Middle East/West (B06)1,21850.00/F +
063GEOAsia-South/Southeast (B07)1,17650.00/F +
064GEOEurope-East/West (B08)2,92250.00/F +
065GEOOceania/Australia (B09)13750.00/F +
066TRAAfrican (C01)43550.00/F +
067TRAAfrican American (C02)62550.00/F +
068TRAAncient Greco-Roman (C03)56350.00/F +
069TRAAncient Near Eastern (C04)44650.00/F +
070TRABuddhist (C05)1,35850.00/F +
071TRAChristian (C06)4,68150.00/F +
072TRACatholic (C07)2,37650.00/F +
073TRAOrthodox (C08)93150.00/F +
074TRAProtestant (C09)3,09850.00/F +
075TRAConfucian (C11)36450.00/F +
076TRAGnostic (C12)39850.00/F +
077TRAHindu (C13)89750.00/F +
078TRAIndigenous Religious (C14)56650.00/F +
079TRAIslamic (C15)96050.00/F +
080TRAJaim (C16)15650.00/F +
081TRAJudaic (C17)1,19350.00/F +
082TRANative American (C18)47850.00/F +
083TRANew Religious (C19)90350.00/F +
084TRAPopular/Folk Religious (C20)1,05350.00/F +
085TRAPostmodern (C21)1,73250.00/F +
086TRASecular Modern (C22)99350.00/F +
087TRAShinto (C23)20850.00/F +
088TRASikh (C24)11750.00/F +
089TRATaoist (C25)41550.00/F +
090TRAZoroastrian (C26)16250.00/F +
091FLDAnthropology (D01)1,46150.00/F +
092FLDArchaeology (D02)36650.00/F +
093FLDArts (D03)87350.00/F +
094FLDComparative (D04)1,67650.00/F +
095FLDCultural Critique (D05)1,29150.00/F +
096FLDGay/Lesbian (D06)35650.00/F +
097FLDGender (D07)1,04150.00/F +
098FLDIdeological (D08)64950.00/F +
099FLDCultural Studies (D09)1,88850.00/F +
100FLDEcumenical Studies (D10)1,88850.00/F +
101FLDEducation (D11)54150.00/F +
102FLDEthics (D12)1,90550.00/F +
103FLDHistory (D13)2,80750.00/F +
104FLDLiterature (D14)1,43650.00/F +
105FLDLiturgy/Worship (D15)82750.00/F +
106FLDMyth (D16)86350.00/F +
107FLDPastoral Care/Counseling (D17)44350.00/F +
108FLDPerformance/Ritual Stud (D18)75850.00/F +
109FLDPhenomenology (D19)91650.00/F +
110FLDPhilology (D20)40350.00/F +
111FLDPhilosophy (D21)2,61950.00/F +
112FLDPsychology (D22)80750.00/F +
113FLDRabbinic Studies (D23)24450.00/F +
114FLDScared Texts/Literature (D24)1,28750.00/F +
115FLDHebrew Bible (D25)86150.00/F +
116FLDNew Testament (D26)1,03950.00/F +
117FLDPali Canon (D27)17450.00/F +
118FLDQur'an (D28)34550.00/F +
119FLDTalmud (D29)23250.00/F +
120FLDVedic (D30)21150.00/F +
121FLDScience (D32)52350.00/F +
122FLDSociology (D33)1,11450.00/F +
123FLDTheology Christian (D34)3,45150.00/F +
124FLDTheology Historical (D35)1,80750.00/F +
125FLDTheology Practical (D36)1,13650.00/F +
126FLDTheology Systematic (D37)2,14250.00/F +
127FLDTheory of Religion (D38)1,65750.00/F +

American Academy of Religion Members

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